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25 Pesos Mexican Olympic Silver Coin Ring, (1968)

25 Pesos Mexican Olympic Silver Coin Ring, (1968)

SKU: 25POSC-25239852777

This Coin Ring is made from a 1968 25 Pesos Mexican Olympic Silver Coin.  This coin was only made in 1968, commemorating the first Olympic Games ever held in a Spanish-speaking, Latin American Country.  It has been antiqued to show off the detail in the coin. This coin was minted with 72% silver. The last pictures show the coin before it was made into a ring.


This ring was made with the obverse or heads side on the outside of the ring, which features a Native Mexican in traditional dress, playing the Mesoamerican Rubber Ballgame.  He is depicted in front of an I-Shaped Court, with the iconic Olympic Rings just below.  The coin is inscribed with the phrase “JUEGOS DE LA XIX OLIMPIADA MEXICO,” which means Games of the XIX Olympiad. The year 1968 is also included on the coin. 


The reverse side, or tails side of the coin is the inside of the ring, which features the Mexican Coat of Arms.  The Mexican Coat of Arms is a golden eagle standing on a prickly pear cactus, eating a rattlesnake.  It is inscribed with the words “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS,” or the United States of Mexico, along with the coin’s purity, denomination, and mintmark. 


History of the 25 Pesos Mexican Olympic Silver Coin (1968)


La Casa de Moneda de Mexico is the oldest mint on the American continent. Established by viceroy Antonio de Mendoza of Spain in 1535, the mint was mandated by King Charles I, who was eager to open the first New World mint.


For the next 400 years, silver eight-reales and pesos circulated widely across the Americas and into Asia. In 1968, Mexico City was home to the 19th Summer Olympics. To celebrate, the Mexican Mint released the commemorative 25 Pesos Olympic Silver Coin. Today, all Mexican coins are produced in San Luis Potos, though the mint is headquartered at the Museo Nacional de las Culturas in Mexico City.

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