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5 Francs France Silver Coin Ring, (1960-1969)

5 Francs France Silver Coin Ring, (1960-1969)

SKU: 5F81239852755

This Coin Ring is made from a 5 Francs France Silver Coin, (1960-1969).  It has been antiqued to show off the detail in the coin.  It was made with the reverse or tail side on the outside of the ring.  It was minted with 83% Silver.  The last pictures show the coin before it was made into a ring.  


History of the 5 Francs France Silver Coin 


The obverse side of  5 Francs Silver France Coins comes with a popular depiction of Le Semeuse. The Sower, as she is known, was designed by Oscar Roty in 1897 and debuted on the silver coins of the Third French Republic. The Sower appeared on Silver Francs from 1897 to 1911 and was then revived for these silver coins in 1960.

On the reverse side of the 5 Francs Silver France Coin is a depiction of various sprigs. Included in the design are sprigs of wheat, acorns, and olives, with the national motto, date mark, and face value all included within the design element. The coins have an edge lettering as well.  It has the National Motto of France. Available until 1969, 5 Francs Silver France Coins were replaced by a cupronickel alloy in 1970.


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