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Bahamas Queen Elizabeth II 50 Cent Silver Coin Ring, (1966-!970)

Bahamas Queen Elizabeth II 50 Cent Silver Coin Ring, (1966-!970)

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This Coin Ring is made from a Bahamas Queen Elizabeth II 50 Cent Silver Coin Ring, 1966-1970). It was made with the reverse, or tails side of the coin on the outside of the ring, and the obverse, or heads side of the coin on the inside of the ring. It has been antiqued to show off the detail in the coin. This coin was made from 1966 to 1970 and was minted with 80% silver. The last pictures show the coin before it was made into a ring.


History of the Bahamas Queen Elizabeth II 50 Cent Silver Coin


The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is a country located in the Lucayan Archipelago north of Cuba and east of Florida. It has an advanced economy based on financial offshoring and tourism. The Bahamas became a British Crown Colony in 1718 after the islands mainly served as a hideout for pirates the century before. It became self-ruling in 1964 and fully independent in 1973. The Bahamas replaced the British Pound with its own Dollar at par with the U.S. Dollar in 1966. Because the exchange rate was set at 7 Shillings per Dollar, coins of 15 Cents and banknotes of 3 Dollars were introduced because they were roughly worth a Shilling and a Pound respectively. 


The obverse side of the coin features the bust of Queen Elizabeth II facing right with a tiara, and the lettering Elizabeth II Bahama Islands.  The coin's reverse side features a blue Marlin fish, the value of 50 Cents, and the date.  


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