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Hamsa Hand Sterling Silver Ring

Hamsa Hand Sterling Silver Ring

SKU: SS-142274-77

Hamsa Hand Sterling Silver Ring with an oxidized finish.  The face height of this ring measures 18 mm. 


Hamsa Hand Meaning


The hamsa hand symbol is an open right hand, often containing an eye in the palm. The word "hamsa" is derived from the Arabic word "khamsah." When translated, the hamsa meaning in English is "five" or "five fingers of a hand." 


Since it's so widely embraced, the hamsa hand is also known as, The Hand of Fatima; The Hand of the Goddess; The Hand of Mary; The Hand of Miriam; The Hand of Venus, (or Aphrodite).  It's widely recognized as a symbol of protection, and in Middle Eastern culture, it's seen as a defense against the evil eye.  


Each culture has attached its own symbolism to the hamsa hand.  However, it provides some type of protection in all instances.  From the earliest of times, people have used hamsa wall blessings, carried them as amulets or talismans, and wore hamsa hand jewelry. It's important to note that although it's used across cultures, the hamsa doesn't have a specific religious meaning.   In all faiths, it's used for protection and good.


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