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John F. Kennedy Silver Half Dollar Coin Ring (1964)

John F. Kennedy Silver Half Dollar Coin Ring (1964)

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This gorgeous Coin Ring is made from a John F. Kennedy Silver Half Dollar, (1964).  It has been antiqued to show off its fantastic detail.  It is made with the tails side, or the reverse side of the coin on the outside of the ring.  This ring has stars all the way around it, and says,  "United States of America, Half Dollar," on the outside of the ring.  The inside of the ring still shows the date and the word "Liberty."



History of John F. Kennedy Silver Half Dollar


Within days of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination, on November 22, 1963, the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Mint prepared to issue a coin in his memory. Engravers at the Mint quickly completed a new design for the fifty-cent coin featuring the President’s profile on the obverse (heads) side, and the Presidential Seal on the reverse (tails) side. President Johnson signed into law a bill authorizing the design on December 30, 1963. Minting began just weeks later. 

By 1965, the government's stockpile of silver had been significantly reduced due to the excessive minting of the Kennedy Half Dollar, worsened by the short supply of silver around the world. Consequently, the 1965-1970 editions were clad in silver on the outside with a copper core. However, from 1971 onwards, the coins had been made from copper and nickel, while keeping the pure silver ones to the Mint’s proof sets. 


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