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Panama Silver Balboa Coin Ring (1931-1947)

Panama Silver Balboa Coin Ring (1931-1947)

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This Coin Ring is made from a Panama Silver Balboa Coin, (1931-1947).  It was made with the reverse, or tails side of the coin on the outside of the ring, and the obverse, or heads side of the coin on the inside of the ring.  It has been antiqued to show off the detail in the coin.  This coin was made from 1931 to 1947 and was minted with 90% silver.  The last pictures show the coin before it was made into a ring.  


History of Panama Silver Balboa Coin


The Republic of Panama gained its independence in November of 1903. The first official coins of the new republic were issued with the date of 1904, although the coins were not placed in circulation until 1905. Panama chose to honor Vasco Nuñez de Balboa, the Spanish Conquistador, (who was the first European to discover the Pacific Ocean), by naming their money after him. One Balboa is equal to 100 centésimos. Panama's circulation dimes, quarters, and halves have consistently featured a portrait of Balboa. The circulation pennies have consistently featured the Indian chief Urraca, admired for his resistance against the Spaniards during the conquest of Panama.


The exchange rate for American dollars is one to one. With one interesting but minor exception, Panama has not issued any paper money and uses American dollar bills. American coins also circulate freely side by side with their Panamanian counterparts. Since 1929, Panamanian circulation coins have been designed to match the size, shape, and metal content of American coins.



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