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Peace Dollar Silver Coin Ring (1921-1935)

Peace Dollar Silver Coin Ring (1921-1935)

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This highly detailed ring is made from a Silver Peace Dollar, (1921-1935).  Of all the dollar coins ever produced by The United States Mint, the Peace dollar is one of the most recognized.  The Peace dollar design was the result of a competition to design a coin that was symbolic of peace after the First World War.  The Peace dollar’s head's side depicts the head and neck of the Goddess Liberty. She is in the profile position with flowing hair and a radiant crown on her head. The reverse features the iconic bald eagle at rest clutching an olive branch. The bald eagle is sitting on a perch with rays of sunlight in the background. The word “PEACE” is inscribed along the bottom edge of the reverse side. The top edge of the reverse features the inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E. PLURIBUS UNUM” and the phrase “ONE DOLLAR.”  The ring pictured is made from a 1922  Silver Peace Dollar Coin, it is a size 12, and has a bandwidth of 11.82 mm.  The last two pictures show a Silver Peace Dollar before it was made into a ring.  


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