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Barber Silver Quarter Coin Ring, (1892 - 1916)

Barber Silver Quarter Coin Ring, (1892 - 1916)

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This Coin Ring is made from a Barber Silver Quarter, (1892 - 1916). This ring has stars around the outside, and "In God We Trust," can be seen clearly. It has been antiqued to show off the detail in the coin.  This ring will be from a random year. The United States minted the Barber Silver Quarters from 1892 to 1916.


History of the Barber Silver Quarter Coin 


Charles Barber, (1840 - 1917),  was the designer of these beautiful coins, and that is the reason they are called "Barber Quarters."  His father was an engraver from England, and he and his father moved to the United States in 1852.  In 1869, Charles' father William was appointed chief engraver to the U.S. Mint, and Charles became his assistant engraver.  When William passed away in 1879, President Rutherford B. Hayes appointed Charles as the chief engraver.  


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