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Tear Drop Silver Ring with Genuine Black Agate

Tear Drop Silver Ring with Genuine Black Agate

SKU: SSBA-130716-77

Sterling Silver Tear Drop Ring with Genuine Black Agate Stone.  The face height of this ring measures 9 mm.  Black Agate is a stone that belongs to the Agate family, which is a unique chalcedony and quartz stone forged in volcanic rock. The first recorded discovery of Agate happened along the shoreline of the Achates River in Sicily.  Since then, Agate has popped up all over the world. The stone is most prevalent in Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Uruguay, and Madagascar.  Agate comes in a variety of different colors, and some people consider Black Agate to be a healing stone.  


    If you live in the local area, we can deliver this ring to you.  Please contact us for more information,  or choose local delivery at the checkout. 



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